Duo is a minimal faucet design that takes inspiration from intersection of simple geometric shapes. The modern design highlights a subtle contrast between round and sharp edges.
Pivo is an electric fan with a modern design that borrows the iconic form of a fan guard. It oscillates around its base.
Lean is a compact wall clock made of a single piece of aluminum from simple cuts and bends. The round top relates to the shape of round clock, while having a center point for hanging against the wall.
Number One
Number one is a minimal table lamp that can also be carried around like a flashlight. It stands like a heroic statue, keeping its head up and facing forward, lightening up the darkness ahead.
Corrugate is a wall hook design that mimics the character of corrugated walls. The repetitive 45 degree bends create a rhythmic pattern, while making the structure strong and durable.

On / Off
On / Off is a form exercise on a candle lighter concept. To celebrate the ritual of lighting and putting out a candle, the lighter can also be used as a snuffer. The snuffer part allows the slim body of the lighter to stand on a table surface.

Wedge is a modular hall rack system that consist of a strip of folded aluminum and modules made of rubber. Other than keeping the modules in place, the aluminum piece also serves as a shelf for letters or other flat items. While giving your coats a lift, the rubber module can be also used as a door stop.
Kino is a watch concept that I designed during my internship at Skagen.
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