Àn Collection

Àn takes an inspiration from Chinese traditional lounge furniture made during the Ming Dynasty. The Àn collection brings tranquility while introducing comfortability, modernity and elegance. The table top is an unique piece of live edge orange osage embedded with walnut butterfly joints, which create a nice tonal balance. The hint of gold is a result from brass filling when brazing the steel tubing. To put the legs into consideration, the brass feet were made for the stools and table for stability and elegance. As for the stools, the choice of keeping the walnut top simple while maintaining the unique radius show the perfect harmony between the stools and table. Àn seeks to transcend the current Western influenced space and reintroduce Asian style to a common home area.

Wood finish: Gunstock wood stain, salad bowl oil, bee wax, 
Metal finish: Steel blackener, tarnish remover

Sketch Model
                              In collaboration with Cody Chu and Susan Park                                       Photographer: Yoon Shik Kim
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