Ken Chen

Game Developer

Cube Invaders

Summary of What I Did:

-Programmed a skill system that allows skill combinations.
-Made shooting feel good with various effects such as screen shake, recoil, impact/muzzle effects, etc.
-Programmed stage/difficulty progression that effects spawn/enemy behaviours.

-Create all the particle effects and UI.
-Designed the skills and how it works with all it's combinations.

Skill System

Skill with rune combinations

game-name preview game-name preview game-name preview game-name preview

This is a skill system that contains runes slotted into the skill. And the skills have 3 runes and 2 slots each. So the player can have 8 different outcomes/combination from that same skill.

This allowed for some interesting and flexible combinations.

Some Possible skill combinations

game-name preview game-name preview game-name preview game-name preview

Make shooting feel good

Making a certain action/mechanic feel good is about communicating the action to the player. We want the player to believe in the action they are performing and intensify/amplify it's effects to produce a more exaggerated effect, thus making it feel good.

game-name preview game-name preview

1. Bullet Particle Effect - Start off with adding a simple particle effect that emmits based on velocity/speed. This allows the particle effect feel more dynamic when it's stretched at faster speeds and shortened at slower speeds.

game-name preview

2. Bullet Impact - In order to have the player believe the bullet hit something, we need to produce some kind of impact to communicate that. Having a quick bright flash then bursting into smaller particles is the way to go.

game-name preview

3. Muzzle Flash - With the bullet impact we know where the bullet ends, but letting the player know where it begins is just as important. Adding any kind of muzzle flash communicates this perfectly, and it also lets the player know what kind of attack they are performing before it even touches anything.

game-name preview

4. Screen Shake - Adding a slight screen shake to this attack makes it feel like a small recoil whenever the player shoots.

game-name preview

5. Lower the Accuracy - On top of the screen shake we will lower the accuracy to make it feel more like a recoil. Now with these simple steps, we have a pretty convincing bullet attack.