In order to reduce the amount of leftover cut out material, this collection of pieces is designed and proportioned to fit in one piece of leather. The sheet is rolled into a roll and ready to be shipped. The patterns are pre-scored so that the users and experience the process of making the pieces by following the instruction manual provided.
I decided to utilize a type of leather called Enspire that’s recycled from old Spalding athletic balls. I liked that it was environmentally friendly as well as beautiful to work with. After testing a few different thicknesses, I went with a 1.2mm leather that was pliable and held its shape.
I was inspired by the art of origami and assembled the collection using only cuts and folds. Here, the portfolio comes to life.
Each item is made of one piece of pattern that creates the shape through simple slots and folds.
Feel free to read through this project journey on Skagen Instagram. 
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