Redesigning a display unit in local stores with the goal of creating a design that makes an impactful statement visually, heights the clarity of the message it delivers, and improves the functionality. This 4-week project is divided into 4 phases, including on site documentation and analysis, concept development, final design proposal and full scale mock up.

Store Information
Providence Optical carries a vast array of unique and sophisticated eyewear from independent eyewear companies located around the world. By attending Optical Expos internationally in France, Italy, and New York, they are able to hand pick unique and limited edition frames. They also offer bespoke and custom frame production in a variety of materials. Products are displayed here based on the frame categories and style instead of brand identity.
Overall Dimension
Existing Problems
The following conclusion is partially based on the results of interviewing the store owner...
- The Glass shelves don’t fit the high-end eyewear well, it seems like the products are not being carefully treated.
- The drawer chest confuse the customers as a storage space, but it is actually supposed to be a display for more selection. 
- The bottom two drawers are hard to open, even though they are storage for cases and packages.
- Because the store is located by the street, there is not enough of daylight especially when it gets dark early during the winter.
Initial Concept
Product is always the hero on the shelf, they should be displayed and appreciated as each individual piece. I want to make to product more visible and defined by subtly fading the fixture out. Instead of being hidden in the drawers, more selection is visible to the costumers. 
Fixture Components
Each piece of eyewear is made precisely, thus they need to be perfectly displayed in a precise grid.
The top row emits LED light, due to the poor lighting condition and lack of daylight during winter.
Orthographic Views
Full Scale Cardboard Mockup
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