jià is a vanity dresser that takes inspiration from a basin rack made during Ming Dynasty while offering functionality that fits into modern scenarios. It seeks to transcend the current Western-influenced space and reintroduce Asian style to a common home area. Wood finish: 100% Tung oil, bee wax

The traditional piece used to be a pear wood rack where people could place a wash basin. They would use it to wash their face before starting the day. Nowadays, as a similar daily ritual, people look into the mirror every morning.
It has a very well-balance proportion and appealing color, so I wanted to add more functions while keeping the same proportion. Components such as a drawer, a small shelf, and a rack add to the practicality of the design. Unlike a conventional mirror, polish copper creates a unique filter that beautifies the mirror image.
While being mostly made of cherry and constructed from traditional joinery, an ascent of copper accentuate the beauty of modern aesthetics.
 Square pieces are carefully carved and shaped down into subtle curves. 
Sketch Model
Photographer: Yoon Shik Kim
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