Ply Chair

The design of the ply chair is focused on celebrating the beauty of plywood edge. The seemly floating seat creates a focal point, which reveals the intriguing three-way joinery in crosshatch pattern underneath. Given a strong architectural presence, the construction of the chair is simple yet sturdy. While having comfortable angles and height, the seat and backrest are formed in subtle curves to provide additional comfort. The legs and stretchers are mostly made of void-less baltic birch plywood. Each stock, whether it is the leg or the stretcher, is made of either a stack of three or two layers of half inch thick plywood. For the joinery construction, the layers are cut individually and carefully put together to create seamless connection, which lies closely in the understanding of how plywood is made. Painted with water-based acrylic paint, coated with water-based polyurethane.

1/4 Scale Model
Development Process
Making Process
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