Rail Stool

Rail Stool is a unique design based on asymmetric form. The structure of the stool is simple yet sturdy. Among the all black silhouette, a pop of brass cap on the end of the steel tubing highlights the beauty of asymmetric design. To create a soft and harmonious form, the shape of the seat follows the curvature of the back rail and the radius from the bends of the tubings. Materials: Steel Tubing, black leather, brass round stock, plastic inserts, aluminum sheet. Finishes: Satin black powder coating

The design takes inspiration from the Ming Dynasty’s armchair, which shows a subtle transition from the geometric base structure to the elegant curves on the top. 
The upholstered seat consists of a piece of foam and layers of batting that are skinned with black leather, which is attached to the plywood. It is then covered by an aluminum plate from the bottom, which also hides all the tacks and staples.
Making Process
Special Thanks to Will Reeves, Cody Chu, and Teknicote Powder Coating http://www.teknicote.com
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