Little Spinner

Children are Imaginative. They would call a circle a pizza, a curve a banana. What if a ride on toy could be abstract than representative, in order to leave room for the kids to imagine and explore. I approach this project as an opportunity to create a simple, durable, and playful two on one rocker and spinner toy that opens a wide range of interpretations and encourages children to challenge and play in a imaginative way.

This project starts with a 4-hour group prototyping session to determine the proper dimension and explore how children would play with the toys in their creative ways. We basically built a spinning ride-on toy out of wood and foam.
After gathering feedbacks from the first test, I found out that children are much more imaginative than us that they would call our toy a pizza simply because it's a circle. So I wanted to explore the spinning toy further and decided to make a non-representative, simple, durable and playful rider that can be used on both side either as a spinner or a rocker.
Moving on from the sketches and scale models, I built full scale models to test out the proper dimension and ergonomics. The final model is intended to be made of plastic, but for the testing process I used blue foams and cardboard for the time being. 
After the 1st round testing, I refine the dimension and fix some usability problem by using a stiffer material. Dispite the fact that there is too much friction between the foam and the floor, the dimension is pretty much settled. Ready to build the final!
Storage space.
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